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Arts Faculty overcoming isolation

Arts Faculty overcoming isolation

Author: Dr Malcolm Cole
Author Role: Head of Faculty, The Arts

Arts Faculty overcoming isolation 

Teachers and students working in subjects across the Arts Faculty (Drama, Media, Music and Visual Art) have been busier than ever this term with the introduction of the CHAC@Home online learning program. Students have been provided with a wide range of resources and challenged to engage fully with arts processes through effective online teaching. Visual Arts teachers compiled resources for students to collect 'contact-free' from the Arts deck in order to complete art-making projects, Drama students have engaged with professional online teaching resources, Music students have borrowed instruments to work on at home, and Media students have begun exciting work with a High Resolves program.

Arts Ambassadors 

To help with overcoming isolation, our Arts Ambassadors have a few competitions to help us stay connected. 


Year 7, online practical class – Drawing with Pipe Cleaners!

Ms Renee Johnson- Secondary Art teacher

This week, the Year 7s learnt about the Art Element Line.

Student’s were sent off on a Line Treasure Hunt, where they collected examples of different lines from around the house.

They learnt about contour lines and continuous line drawing. Together, we drew ourselves in a continuous line in pencil, then were challenged to draw ourselves using pipe cleaners!

Although this was a challenge, everyone gave it a go and the results were fantastic!