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Arts Faculty News

Arts Faculty News

The Arts Faculty at CHAC has been busy with a variety of excursions and incursions, getting 2018 off to a fantastic start.

To aid the Year 8s with their studies this semester, our two Year 8 classes visited GOMA's 'Me, My selfie and I' interactive exhibition at the Kids Space and an exhibit by Yayoi Kusama. 'Me, My selfie and I' shows different ways we can represent ourselves in art. It shows how a portrait can express emotion, convey memories and provide a peek at the subject's personality. Yayoi Kusama uses repetition and reflections to explore the concept of infinity; her dot motifs provide viewers with a glimpse into her inner thoughts, and her imaginary world. As the Year 8 focus for this semester is entitled 'It's all about me', Year 8 students will be channelling these interesting concepts in their own artworks in this unit.

Our Year 10 students visited a Torres Strait Islander exhibit – 'Tide and Times' – at GOMA, to inspire them for their wearable art unit. Many artists contributed to the works featured, all of which channel the beauty of the Torres Strait and its unique, diverse culture. This exhibition is bound to motivate some creative pieces from our Year 10s. This is only the beginning of the year's journey and there will be more exciting endeavours for the entire Arts Community this year.

We also launched the CHAC Composers Competition on Assembly last week and we hope all of our budding musicians will rise to the challenge and submit their masterpieces by the end of term.

Kacey Grant and Ryan Sturton
Arts Ambassadors 

Year 10 Drama Workshop with Past Student

When we walked into Drama last week, we were warmly greeted by past student and now professional actor and NIDA graduate, Mark Hill. Mark graduated from CHAC in 2002 and had a long career on stage working in Musical Theatre before deciding he wanted to concentrate on acting. He returned to study at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. Anyone lucky enough to see Muriel’s Wedding The Musical at the Sydney Theatre Company may have seen him on stage recently.

We began in a circle and, after a few icebreaking exercises, we jumped up, energised and ready for an enriching workshop. His bright and cheerful energy propelled us into a lesson filled with self-discovery and learning, from which we all benefitted greatly. 

Mark taught us how to utilise volume in our speech, give our characters an objective to work towards, and how to draw inspiration from our own lives when impersonating the experiences of another. We understood the importance of breath and the body awareness and consequently delved into our emotions and reflected them in our characterisation. From there, he continued to show us various ways in which to deepen the emotional connection we form with the characters, through the use of mantras. Some such examples were “I need love” and “It will all be okay”.

Overall, the workshop that Mark provided for us expanded the whole class’s knowledge of drama, whilst inspiring us to lead a character into a more nuanced direction. I know that this experience will have benefitted all those involved, especially my classmates and I, who can reflect the skills into our performance at the end of the term.

Thank you Mark Hill!

Hermione Knowles-Green, Year 10