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Arts Ambassadors 2021

Arts Ambassadors 2021

Author: Alyza Jeffrey and Hamish Morrow
Author Role: Arts Ambassadors 2021

Arts Ambassadors 2021

Alyza writes:

As 2020 comes to a close, we begin to see new students step up to fill the roles of the seniors before them. The continuation of the legacy and the changeover of such positions is a common practice that we as students are familiar with. The Arts Ambassadors of 2020, Maxi Mossman and Hermione Knowles-Green, deserve the utmost appreciation for everything they have done for The Arts at CHAC. Disregarding the unprecedented circumstance of the pandemic, both of these students have overcome such obstacles in a manner that was both admirable and inspiring to all students. We acknowledge everything they have done for us. Maxi and Hermione have been great role models to both of us, and we hope to continue such leadership for 2021. Our excitement for the year ahead of us is unmatched. We cannot wait for what 2021 will bring us. 

Hamish writes:

Looking at 2021, we have some big plans revolving around the musical, the reintroduction of Arts Club and some smaller-scaled ideas such as the progression of an array of diverse competitions. These are all in forward motion and are engulfed with a great buzz. The rebirth of the heavily requested Arts Club is an initiative we feel will further strengthen the tightly knit community we, as an Arts cohort, have developed, which will allow for greater communication between seniors and juniors who all passionate within The Arts or simply wanting to experience the beauty of it. Secondly, competitions such as the renowned Composition Competition will continue, as well as the introduction of new competitions that will support students from every aspect of The Arts. Finally, and most horrifically thrilling is the musical, which will be a priority for both of us. Through involvement, promotion and influence, we plan to create one of the most atmospheric and bonding musicals the College has ever seen. We hope that you will support and encourage us as we are overwhelmingly ecstatic with the opportunity we have been gifted with and will represent and support The Arts to our greatest ability in 2021.