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Art students out and about again

Art students out and about again

Author: Stella Trueman and Sarah Leonard
Author Role: Year 9 Visual Art Students

Last Thursday, our Art class hopped on a bus to go see the William Robinson Gallery in Old Government House at QUT Gardens Point campus.

William Robinson: By the Book is an exhibition curated by Nick Earls, based on the biography he wrote about William Robinson. The exhibition is unique in the way that it follows a story - the story of Robinson’s life, starting with his earlier works and ending up with his most recent. It also contains readings of excerpts from the book, which we used our phones to listen to as we moved through the exhibition.

Parts of the exhibition are accompanied by Lawrence English’s recordings of Springbrook soundscapes and recordings of the artist playing the piano. William Robinson has an intriguing way of looking at landscapes, with free-flowing perspective that makes the viewer feel they are being enveloped in the huge artworks.

After departing the exhibition, we headed to the Brisbane Botanical gardens, where the fifteen of us took in our beautiful green surroundings and had lunch.

While admiring the scenery, many of us took it upon ourselves to draw the surrounding vegetation. These drawings will be added to our folio of prints and drawings for our unit on Places and Spaces.