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Art Exhibition: What We See

Art Exhibition: What We See

The Wetlands Art site is now LIVE! Simply visit the site, register and start bidding. All works are available for pre-sale at prices that are significantly lower than Gallery retail. If you're not in the market for a piece of art at the moment, you can still support this fantastic exhibition by donating, or by visiting the exhibition at the Wetlands Festival (for a gold coin donation).

Imagine how impressive these art works are up close where you can see every stroke, every colour and every texture. The catalogue of works will soon be loaded on to the Wetlands website and includes the emerging artists, professional artists and information about each – professional profiles and artistic foundation.

Thinking about the arts, when we listen to a piece of music, we experience it with all our senses, we listen, and we feel. Art is the same – we see, and we feel. Artistic skill, perspective, inspiration, emotion and message are all captured in the work, through place and time.

Kim Wilson, one of our featured artists who is exhibiting ‘Wildflower, Kolyuchin Spit’ at our exhibition explores one of the fundamental skills that we are teaching our children – mindfulness. Her work is inspired by and celebrates the underappreciated, the quiet things passed over the grand display. This piece reminds us to immerse ourselves into our whole experience; the details of life, the process towards the goals, to see what’s in front of us but also to take note what’s right at our feet in the present moment, and to marvel at every aspect of our life. The subject matter and how Kim approached this painting also encapsulates this. Her focus on the texture, shade, and placement of even the smallest pebble demonstrates her own level of mindfulness in her work. What an incredible piece of work to have in your home as a gentle reminder for you to embody life in this way every day.

Rowena Riek and Helen Tyson
Exhibition Convenors