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Academic Recognition in Secondary at CHAC

Academic Recognition in Secondary at CHAC

Author: Chris Nastrom-Smith
Author Role: Director of Data and Strategy

After a successful launch of our continuous reporting and feedback system across Years 7 to 11 last semester, our focus in the early stages of Semester 2 shifts to celebrating the academic performance of our students at CHAC.

The official recognition of Academic Performance at CHAC falls into two categories:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Academic Improvement

The specific Awards presented, on a semester basis, are:

The prestigious “Principal’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement”, which recognises the all-round performance of students across their full range of subjects and acknowledges those students whose academic achievements are truly outstanding.


Year Level GPA - based on a 15-point Scale
Year 7 GPA of 12.5 (Semester 1) and 12.75 (Semester 2)
Year 8 GPA of 12.75
Year 9 GPA of 13.00
Year 10 GPA of 13.00
Year 11 GPA of 12.5
Year 12 GPA of 12.5

The “College Award for Academic Improvement”, which recognises students who have improved their student profile by at least one grade between consecutive semesters (from a minimum GPA of 8.00).  This improvement is based on a student’s performance across all subjects studied.

Aside from these official awards, one of the advantages of the College’s Learning Analytics suite is the ability for all members of the community to track and celebrate the individual improvements of each student via their GPA history throughout their time at the College. This GPA history, along with the ability for parents and students to view assessment results and teacher feedback on an ongoing basis, is a major feature of the Learning Analytics suite at CHAC.

Parents would have noted that the format of the College’s Semester Report changed due to the availability of more detailed assessment feedback being available through the Learning Analytics suite. Our aim with the new continuous reporting and feedback model is to increase parents’ connectedness with the College and their child’s education, while also demonstrating the College’s ongoing commitment to supporting each individual students’ learning. We believe this new process will support parents as they seek to understand teacher judgements of student work against assessment-task criteria, and potentially reduce the need for parents to seek this feedback at a Parent-Teacher interview.

To assist the College community, we released self-help guides for parents and students providing details on how to access individual student reports via the Learning Analytics link on the website and in Student Café. I would like to thank those parents who provided feedback throughout Semester 1 and over the June-July break, as the College worked through the reporting details of the new SATE system and how it interacted with the Learning Analytics suite. As always, I welcome your feedback and seek your comments on ways to improve student reporting.