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A Blessed Experience in Education

A Blessed Experience in Education

Author: Robyn Bell
Author Role: Principal

Dear CHAC Families

We have just now brought the 2018 College year to a close with our final Assembly on 29 November. I hope you enjoy the beautiful publications on their way to your home – our 2018 Chrysalis yearbook (via your student) and the Summer edition of Pax et Bonum (by post). These capture the essence of what has been a big, vibrant and fulfilling year. They also are a lasting testament to the exceptional capabilities of our ‘writer in residence’, Miss Anne Andrew (aka our Marketing and Development Manager). I pay tribute to Anne for her outstanding work in creating such memorable and polished publications as well as occasions over the past eight years, and wish her deep satisfaction as she pursues her passion for writing in earnest.

What a wonderful finishing touch this past week has added, with our Primary Awards Celebrations yesterday, Year 6 Thanksgiving Service last night, the Primary Nativity this morning and a resoundingly joyful Advent Assembly for the whole College from Prep to Year 11 in the last hour.

Parents and families, we thank you for your engagement in the College in 2018 – your children are young people rich in character, who have embraced the values and ethos of CHAC with energy and authentic appreciation.

Among our departing staff this year we have some very long-term members who are concluding their careers at CHAC and pursuing other interests in their next ventures/retirement.

I am honoured to be exiting the College among such a fine group of staff who have served our community so generously and diligently over the past decade or more and am delighted to congratulate: Karen Bonini, Anne Mitchell, Di Dudley, Janet Eigeland and Bruce Gray and to thank them sincerely for their wonderful service to CHAC.

We also farewell the following teachers and staff with sincere gratitude for their contribution to the College and with warm good wishes for the next phase of their futures – be they in retirement, overseas, interstate, intrastate, or with new arrivals in their families in 2019 or even brand-new career directions:

  • College Staff: Ms Anne Andrew, Mrs Di Dudley, Mrs Janet Eigeland, Mr Bruce Gray, Mr Jeff Law, Mrs Anne Mitchell
  • Secondary Teachers: Mr Chris Bates, Ms Karen Bonini, Mrs Jennifer Fergus, Ms Genevieve Gray, Miss Britney Hatchman, Ms Sandra James
  • Primary Teachers/Assistants: Mr Bill de Ruyter, Mrs Sandra Gerbes, Mrs Lisa Hill, Mrs Elizabeth Hodges, Ms Alison Monaghan

Congratulations are extended to the following staff on the outcome of their successful applications to new roles in 2019:

  • Mrs Jenny Middleton – Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning
  • Mr Chris Nastrom-Smith – Director of Data and Strategy
  • Mrs Shelley McMahon – Acting Director of Junior Secondary
  • Mrs Penny Cummins – Learning Pathways and Careers Counsellor
  • Mr Anthony Florido – Acting Head of Faculty – Business
  • Mrs Anita Spencer – Deputy Director of Primary

In 2019, CHAC will launch proudly and energetically into its 4th decade under the stewardship of our incoming Principal Mr Gary O’Brien and his dedicated Senior Leadership Team. It will be full of opportunity and possibility and I know our firmly established strong spirit and culture will allow our community to soar to new heights.

On a personal note, I would like to thank all in the CHAC community for the wonderful farewell wishes, sentiments and events. As I have had the opportunity to say on many of these occasions, mine has been a blessed experience in education, and it has been a privilege and joy to serve this community. I will continue to walk with you in spirit and will take great pleasure in keeping in touch with your achievements.

May your family be fully re-energised by this Christmas and summer holiday season and may each of you be blessed with peace, hope, joy and love into the future.

With gratitude – Pax et Bonum

Robyn Bell