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2021derful year of Arts

2021derful year of Arts

Author: Alyza Jeffery and Hamish Morrow
Author Role: Arts Ambassadors

As we kick start the new year, we Arts Ambassadors are beyond excited to continue the legacy of our past leaders and give the Arts at CHAC its well-deserved spotlight. With the musical (The Addams Family) well on its way, having the auditioning process being close to complete, we'd like to introduce an idea - a musical documentary. By filming moments from now until the big opening night and right to the finish, the Arts Ambassadors are hoping to capture the special moments to show the College at a later date. We want to invite our student body to reflect on all the hard work they've put into this production, as well as the relationships they've made, and the fun they've had. Without further notice, interviews and other filming processes will commence soon, so stayed tuned for the next update!

Another note is the commencement of another project that will kickstart in Term 2; The Arts Club. More information about this will be shared once we get closer to the date, but for now, both of us will keep you posted with what's happening in the now.

Stay tuned!


The Arts Ambassadors.