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2019 Tour to France

2019 Tour to France

Author: Rohan Belle
Author Role: Student

June 19…The day we embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. We began our journey by travelling for over 24 hours. So exciting! Finally, we arrived in Paris. Although we were all exhausted from the flight, there was a collective air of excitement. After a quick bus ride, we arrived at the MIJE. A fantastic hostel that everyone loved. We were then assigned groups and sent to our rooms. The next day we visited the chateau of Versailles. It was incredible. The paintings were plastered all over the walls and ceilings. The depictions were unbelievably detailed and majestic. The mirror room was also breathtaking. After the chateau, we embarked on a bike ride around the garden of Versailles. This was truly a highlight of the trip. Riding around the beautiful gardens with my friends was so much fun. Another highlight of the trip was the Arc de Triomphe. It is situated in the centre of Paris, so we knew the view was going to be good. The structure had quite a few steps to the top, however, the view at the top was breathtaking and well worth it. The next day we explored some museums and did some drawing activities. The drawing exercise helped me to appreciate just how talented these artists really were. We also went on an evening boat ride along the Seine river. It was so peaceful and relaxing. And then we saw it. The Eiffel Tower. The majestic structure stood tall, shining over us. It was truly beautiful.

We also did a fair bit of swimming in France. We swam at the Pont du Gard, which is a 2000-year-old aqueduct. It was tons of fun. We also swam in Cassis, a beautiful little beach town. The Mediterranean water was quite salty. The group went on a boat ride to the Calanques (narrow inlets/bays on the Mediterranean coast) to swim. The experience was so enjoyable and a definite highlight for all of us. We also spent a lot of time at the beach in Nice. Nice is a city unlike most places you’ll ever see. Staying there was quite unique. The beach was completely pebbles, no sand. When we went swimming at night, we could look back and see the beautiful skyline of nice. There were so many moments on this tour, from eating ice cream with friends to appreciating the different pieces of culture in France, that I will never forget. The French Tour was an unbelievable experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Rohan Belle- Year 10