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2019: Pursue the Possibilities

2019: Pursue the Possibilities

Author: Gary O'Brien
Author Role: Principal

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all members of the College community back for another exciting year at CHAC. As I start my Principalship of Cannon Hill Anglican College, I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome I have received. I have been overwhelmed by the kind words and genuine expressions of support, particularly from students in the playground as I have walked through the College.

The start of every year brings change and I would like to share some exciting developments in the College.

After a national search and a rigorous interview process, I am delighted to announce that Mrs Jenny Middleton has moved into the Senior Executive role of Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning. Jenny brings a genuine passion for our College and outstanding credentials in Curriculum, Pedagogy and Staff Development, which I know will serve our College well into the future. I personally want to thank her for the manner in which she has taken on the huge responsibilities of this role.

Mr Chris Nastrom-Smith has moved into the role of Director of Data and Strategy, a position well suited to his exemplary analytical, organisational and strategic thinking skills.

Mrs Shelley McMahon has moved into the role of Director of Junior Secondary (Acting) and Mr Nick Medcalf has moved into the role of Head of House - Stradbroke (Acting). We look forward to the contributions they will make in the year ahead.

We have also welcomed new staff to our Primary School, Secondary School and College Support Services teams. 

Primary Teaching Staff:

  • Mr Gavin Hosking - Primary Health and Physical Education Teacher (Years 3 to 6) and Junior TAS Coordinator
  • Ms Katherine Jacques - Primary Teacher (Prep)
  • Mrs Andrea Jacquier - Learning Support
  • Mr Chris Tuohy - Primary Teacher (Year 4)

Secondary Teaching Staff:

  • Mrs Kendre Bent - Music
  • Mrs Sarah Devonshire - Social Sciences
  • Ms Katherine Hart - Social Sciences, Drama
  • Ms Grace Newman - English
  • Ms Stephanie Nolan - English
  • Mr Matthew Small - Health and Physical Education
  • Ms Gabrielle Venables - Life and Faith, Study of Religion

College Services Staff:

  • Ms Connie Alexander - Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Mrs Hazel Davies- Secondary Teacher Aide
  • Mr Steve Forster - Director of Marketing and Development
  • Mr Ashley Green - Property Services Team
  • Ms Tammy Humphreys - Teacher Aide – Early Years Education
  • Mr Dale Latter-Catering Assistant
  • Mrs Helena Milne - Primary Teaching Assistant
  • Ms Madi Morris - Specialist Music Tutor (Guitar)
  • Mrs Ingrid Rochet - Specialist Music Tutor (Upper Strings
  • Mrs Amanda White -Administration Assistant – Performance Music

We are delighted to have these talented people join our CHAC team and look forward to the year ahead.

Today’s 2019 College Leaders' Commissioning was another pivotal event in the life of our College. It is with great pride to see students who I've witnessed grow and mature through their years at the College step forward to accept the significant challenge and responsibility of leadership. Once again, I know that we have a cohort who will lead the College with distinction and pride, providing an example of servant leadership for the whole College to follow and admire.

Each year, the College adopts a theme around which it focuses its thinking and actions. The 2019 theme for Cannon Hill Anglican College is Pursue the Possibilities. Pursue is an action word; it requires active engagement and encourages a sense of challenge and adventure. The word possibilities implies boundless options. It challenges us to step out of our comfort zones and look into unchartered waters, to imagine beyond our traditional borders.

For some, this may be in the area of Service. Perhaps you have a real passion for helping those less privileged, and you strive to make a difference in others’ lives. Our Diakonos Committee and Social Enterprise opportunities can open doors in this area, as can our Student Council.

For others, it may be in the area of Academics. It may be setting goals to achieve greater outcomes than previous years, striving for an Academic improvement Award or Principal's Excellence Award, or perhaps simply obtaining a higher GPA than in the past. It may be to face your greatest fear and conquer it. The Arts, Cultural activities, Performance Music and Sport domains provide countless opportunities for personal and collective growth and challenge.

Success in any area requires action, discipline, commitment and hard work. As I write this I am reminded of the quote:

The only place success occurs before work, is in the dictionary

CHAC's Mission is is to provide holistic education, which means there is the opportunity for every member of our community to discover their passion and pursue it wholeheartedly. I have already challenged the students to think about their possibilities for the year ahead, to think beyond the simple. I have challenged them to adopt a stretch mentality; to identify goals and then chase them with all the passion and commitment they can muster. I encourage parents to discuss your child(ren)’s goals and aspirations with them, and to support them as they strive to achieve them.

Welcome back to 2019. I am excited by the prospect of the many challenges the year ahead will provide our community, and I look forward to seeing you all over the coming weeks at commencement events.