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2018 P&F Committee Announcement

2018 P&F Committee Announcement

On behalf of the College community, I would like to sincerely thank Brad Lindsay, David Tait and Tonny Hansen, who stepped down from the P&F Management Committee at the AGM on Monday 12 March. Brad, David and Tonny have given many years of hard work and enthusiastic support to the P&F. Brad fulfilled the role of Vice-President (2012 to 2015, and 2017), David as Treasurer (2014 and 2017) and Tonny as Vice-President (2011 and 2015). Their contributions to the College community will be greatly missed.

I congratulate and welcome the incoming committee and I am sure that they will continue to provide assistance to the College through both parental support and raising funds for various College activities. All parents are welcome to attend P & F meetings. The next meeting will be held in the Research Centre on Monday 23 April at 6pm.

The new committee comprises:

Office-Bearing Members





Jenni Dabelstein

Julie Odri
Shareen Forsingdal
Nathan Elmes

John Ryan

Pauline Wyatt
Carole Branton

General Members

Marie-Claire Payne
Clint Verhagen
Tracy Knight
Renae Malos
Bridget McLister
Briar Ballantyne
Bernadette Bennett
Emily Henry
Christine Heaton

It was decided at the AGM that due to the high level of interest from Primary parents, a Primary Sub-Committee should be formed. A meeting for interested parents will be called early in Term 2.

Dave Pavish
Assistant Principal