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11 OP1s for Class of 2018!

11 OP1s for Class of 2018!

Author: Gary O'Brien
Author Role: Deputy Principal

The OP results for Cannon Hill Anglican College (CHAC) are again outstanding, with 20.6% of our students receiving an OP1 or 2 and 41.1% receiving an OP 1-5, “best evers” for the College and, once again, place CHAC among the highest achieving schools in Queensland for graduate results.

Resuts Summary

OP Score

% of 2018 Cohort



OP 1-2


OP 1-5


OP 1-7


OP 1-10


OP 1-15


We are so proud of the Class of 2018. These laudable results reflect our students’ personal commitment, collaborative learning with peers, and engagement with our academic staff. Similarly we thank all staff of the College who create the learning environment that encourages our students to always strive to give of their best.

Retiring Principal, Mrs Robyn Bell, and incoming Principal for 2019, Mr Gary O’Brien, are delighted with the results.

‘These results are testament to the vision and leadership of Mrs Bell throughout her fifteen years’ headship at CHAC. I look forward to taking up the mantle in January and to welcoming 44 graduates to the annual Honours Assembly on 15 February, at which time the students who achieved an OP5 or higher will be entered in the College’s Honours Register.’

Congratulations Class of 2018!