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10 Drama make Fake News

10 Drama make Fake News

Author: Tammy McCarthy-Wilson
Author Role: Drama Teacher

Last Term, the Year 10 drama class participated in workshops with Zen Zen Zo physical theatre company. We were told to lose our shoes and socks and move our bodies in abstract ways we never thought they could move. Our mentors, Nikki and Gina, taught us the various viewpoints in physical theatre and we explored concepts like intimate and sight specific theatre, sometimes using cramped spaces and wacky objects to engage audiences and envelop them into the world of our composition. After rigorous training, a few sweaty sports uniforms, and one teacher in a moon boot, we came up with a concept for our never before seen show – Fake News.

On Tuesday 10 September, our class turned the Enterprise Centre into Media HQ, our corporation's office. The audience, our interns, flooded through the doors, yet to discover the secrets buried in the business. There were more than a few nerves, but overall, we loved every single moment.

Kyra Stratford-George, 10 Drama student