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Ensembles and Rehearsals

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Performance Music Attendance Policy

Rehearsals for most ensembles and choirs commence in Week 3 of Term 1 and occur each week unless you have been notified via email or SMS to the contrary.

Being involved in a College Choir/Ensemble/Band instils you with the life skills of responsibility, discipline, group cooperation and dedication. Every member is making a valued and necessary contribution to team - there are no reserves.

If a student signs up to join an ensemble, they make a commitment to the ensemble to attend every rehearsal and performance. To allow for growth and improvement within the music ensembles there must be consistency of attendance.

If a student is unable to attend a rehearsal due to sickness, notification must be supplied to the conductor in order to properly maintain rolls. This should be provided in an email directly to the conductor and cc’d to music. Parents/guardians are asked not to schedule appointments for students during allocated rehearsal times. If a student misses two rehearsals for which no explanation from a parent/guardian, then the student may be asked to reconsider their involvement in the ensemble. Rolls are taken at every rehearsal by conductors and are kept on the school file. These rolls are used at the end of each school year when deciding Performance Music awards and school leadership roles.

Updated Schedule: 1, June 2020