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2021 Auditions

CHAC has over 27 ensembles or choirs that students are able to rehearse and perform in. Auditions are held in order to place interested students into the appropriate ensemble according to their ability and interest. Current CHAC students are given the opportunity to audition at the end of 2020.

New CHAC students (and students who missed last year’s audition) will have the opportunity to audition at the start of next year. 

Students will need to be prepared with a piece which best demonstrates their ability. Students will also be asked to play two different scales that they have already learnt. If you bring an instrument to school for your audition, please store it in the Music department instrument storeroom (Secondary students) or in your classroom (Primary students).

Hiring Musical Instruments

The College has a limited number of instruments available for hire. Instruments for hire include the larger and more expensive instruments – bass clarinets, baritone saxophones, tenor saxophones, tuba, french horns, etc. Please email or call (07) 3896 0419 for further information.