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Master Plan

The College Board and Senior Management continuously review the changing nature of education to ensure the development of our infrastructure aligns with our strategic intent , which is  to produce graduates who are World and Work Ready and who enter the world ready to act with Courage and Compassion with a genuine desire to serve humanity.  This is assisted by a Master Plan that provides a cohesive campus development plan which maximises the ability of the built environment to support the values, visions and aspirations of the College. 

As well as developing infrastructure that services the needs of the College at this point in time, it is important to acknowledge the changing nature of education and the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times we live in. With this in mind, Management has flagged in this plan a number of potential opportunities that address current and future needs and offer flexibility, agility and adaptability into the future.   

To reduce the level of risk and uncertainty involved with the planning of these projects, the College has commenced a process to obtain Ministerial Infrastructure Designation across the campus.  This will allow the College to pursue the various projects outlined in the Master Plan in a timely manner and to ensure the financial viability can be planned with confidence, safe in the knowledge that these projects are able to be constructed as required.

Information on the Ministerial Infrastructure Designation process including the College’s formal submission can be found here