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Links and Resources

There are many different websites and a large array of documents and resources available for our parents, students and staff at CHAC.

Please use the drop-down menus to access information in the various categories. If you believe something is missing or you have a suggestion for another link or resource, please email our Marketing and Communications office.

General Links

College-Wide For Specific Users
Online ordering for Canteen and Uniform Shop.
Parent Lounge
Access for parents to student-specific information such as timetables, assessment results, class/teacher information and more. Update your contact and medical details. Tuition fee payments.
Online Booklist Orders
Student Cafe
Access for students to their timetable, classes, assessment results and student record.
College Gateway Teacher Kiosk
Access for staff to timetables, student, parent and staff information.
CHAC Careers Office 365 - for staff and student use only.
CHAC Library Catalogue Learning Analytics
Access and advice for parents.

Online Platforms 

Access and User Guide

Parent Handbook

Please refer to the individual categories below for further website links.

Study and Assessment

2020 Assessment Calendars 
Year 7 Year 9 Year 11
Year 8 Year 10 Year 12
Websites Articles/Documents

CHAC Learning Analytics

Forgot your password? See the user guide. Results in Learning Analytics should be used as a guide only and provide a basis for discussion between students, parents and teachers. Small variations between what is recorded in Learning Analytics and what appears on the report card can occur on rare occasions. 

Home Learning Policy and Guidelines - Primary Students
Elevate Education
Premium Content password: rondo
Enhanced Learning Policy and Guidelines - Secondary Students
QCAA (Qld Curriculum and Assessment Authority) Referencing - Bibliographies
 QCAA Student Connect  Referencing - Managing Sources
 Study Vibe  

P&F Association Documents and Links

Documents Links
P&F Association Constitution  
P&F 2020 Nomination Form  
Primary P&F Sub Committee Minutes (25 October 2019)  
P&F Meetings 2020 P&F Agendas 2020 Primary P&F Meetings 2020 Primary P&F Agendas 2020
10 February  10 February 24 February  24 February
16 March AGM

16 March AGM

16 March meeting 

31 March 31 March
27 April  27 April 11 May 11 May
8 June 8 June 16 June 16 June
20 July  20 July 3 August 3 August
10 August 10 August 14 September  14 September
14 September 14 September 26 October  26 October 
12 October  12 October     

Student Protection

Cannon Hill Anglican College has adopted, in its entirety, the policies and procedures outlined in the Student Protection in Anglican Schools Policy and Student Protection in Anglican Schools Procedures.

Please click here to view all Student Protection policies and resources.

Recommended Reading
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