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Holistic Education

Holistic Education in PrimaryIn our Mission Statement, we state that Cannon Hill Anglican College is a dynamic Christian learning community which strives to offer a balanced and holistic educational environment, in order to develop the intellectual, social, physical, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual dimensions of each of its members.

How do we achieve this?

Intellectually, students experience a rich and diverse curriculum taught by highly-qualified, dedicated teachers, and supported by specialist teachers in Japanese, Health and Physical Education, and Performance Arts. There are enrichment opportunities for children who demonstrate the ability, as well as the capacity, to undertake higher-level challenges. Teachers differentiate the curriculum to meet the needs of all students. In keeping with our Next Practice approach to Teaching and Learning, All Primary students have access to pen-enabled devices. All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards.

One of my favourite things this year was Japanese because I always wanted to learn a different language. I even wrote to 139 in Japanese!”

- Noah, Year 1

Socially, there are many opportunities for mixing with one another, as well as connecting with older students, especially the Year 12 Primary Mentors who do a wonderful job of integrating Primary students into the CHAC family. Camps for our Years 5 and 6 students provide fun, enriching and educational experiences, and form a valuable part of a broad-based holistic education as well as the development of independence and interdependence, social skills and care and concern for others. Excursions, connections with Junior and Senior Secondary, BBQs and discos, and the Boys’ Education Committee and Girls’ Education Committee activities complete a varied and rewarding offering of social opportunities. 

Ash Wednesday Service Primary Play in Primary Diakonos in Primary Primary students in Outdoor Chapel

Physically, students, based on individual year levels, enjoy Health and Physical Education (HPE) lessons and a perceptual motor program for Early Years students. For Upper Primary students (Years 4 to 6), team sports take place on a Saturday morning, in Junior TAS (The Associated Schools Junior inter-school competition), and there are three CHAC and Junior TAS carnivals each year: Athletics, Cross Country, and Swimming. Our students also continue independent external pursuits, for which their participation and achievements are encouraged and applauded.

Emotionally, the students enjoy an inclusive and comprehensive pastoral care program. The Student Leadership Program seeks to develop the values and ethos of strong servant leadership across the College community, to promote courage and compassion in all facets of life.

Spiritually, students – while not having to be Anglican – participate in our Anglican ethos through prayer, worship in the Chapel of St Francis and St Clare, the commemoration of significant days in the life of the College, the blessing of student leaders, and the opportunity to explore further the rites of Baptism, Admission to Communion, and Confirmation, if so desired.

Aesthetically, the students work within colourful classrooms bedecked with student art, imaginative creations and projects and, outside the classroom, enjoy the tranquil campus with its winding pathways, tall and shady eucalypts, and the protected Melaleuca Wetlands, with an abundance of birdlife and nature sounds. They enjoy playgrounds purpose-designed to be rich in the provision of visual and auditory, olfactory and tactile stimuli.