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Gifted Education

Gifted Education at CHACGifted Education at CHAC provides specialist programs for students who are capable of achieving at very high levels in one or more aspects of the College curriculum. The focus in the Senior School is on providing opportunities for individuals to be challenged and taken out of their comfort zone in order to facilitate capabilities awareness and academic potential among like-minded students.

The development of programs for gifted and talented students is both a response to a need that was evident within the student body, as well as an example of the College keeping abreast of both State and Federal Education policy.

There is a growing recognition in education circles that talented academic students form a special needs group in our schools. Boredom, frustration and underachievement are possible outcomes for any student when their needs are not met by the education process, and talented academic students are no exception. By creating a structure that acknowledges and addresses the needs of gifted and talented students, the College is addressing an educational responsibility and is remaining true to its mission to provide opportunities for all students to develop to their full potential.

The objectives of Gifted Education:

  • Identify students who potentially would benefit from participation in the Coeus program and establish this group as a "peer group" of like-minded and motivated students.
  • Facilitate a communication network between the College, Coeus students, their parents and the wider community.
  • Develop for each Coeus student an individualised Extension Program Plan which will state short and long term goals for the student, and include an educational plan to bring these goals to fruition.
  • Offer a range of extension opportunities, through the curriculum, suited to individual students' physical and emotional maturity, and their academic potential.
  • Provide support services such as counselling, mentoring, and advocacy to monitor the welfare and holistic growth of students in Coeus.
  • Facilitate the participation of CHAC students in workshops, competitions and extension activities offered by community and professional organisations.
  • Provide educational leadership in the area of the education of gifted and talented students and in Differentiated classroom curriculum.

Acceleration through one year level in one or more subjects is one of the program offerings. However this is not going to suit all students. Facilitating the development of extension projects within one subject for students, as well as supporting and encouraging extra-curricular extension activities such as involvement in the College's music program, debating teams and cultural groups, is also part of the Gifted Education program.

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Gifted Education at CHAC

Our Gifted Education Program has been in operation since 2008, and we have now seen students graduate from the College after having completed university subjects and music extension programs as part of their Year 12 programs. As more of our students across the year levels have become involved in academic excellence programs, the more such programs have come to be accepted in our student community. Quite apart from the educational goal of presenting programs that focus on individual needs, this is certainly a time in our history where our best creative minds, our scientists, artists, problem solvers, inventors and philosophers need to be encouraged.