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School Recording Packages

Recording your school's band, orchestra or choir is exciting and rewarding.

At Ghostgum Audio, we understand that achieving a professional quality recording of a school band, orchestra, or choir can be a challenge. Available audio technology, a soundproof recording space, time, and particularly cost are all very real issues.

That's why we've put together special recording packages especially for schools. Starting from only $660 - including GST.

  • There's many benefits to recording a CD, including:
  • Lift your school's music profile
  • Create a lasting memory of performance pieces
  • Have a CD available at the school awards night
  • Use sales from the CD to help with fund raising.

How's it all Work?

Get in touch with us and tell us what you'd like out of a recording. Then, working with you, Ghostgum Audio helps plan out your recording session - ensuring studio time is maximised. Your session time is booked. And once everything is recorded, mixed and edited, you've got a completed professionally recorded CD master ready for replication.

And making things even easier Ghostgum Audio also offers a complete CD production service including duplication or replication as well as cover design.

The Packages

MixEdit Pack - $
This is our entry level package. It's ideal for those looking for a professional quality recording quickly and economically. Totally completed in one day, the recording session commences at 9am lasting for 3 hours. After the recording session the musicians depart. Then you (and your key staff) join the sound technician in the control room to edit and mix the morning recordings. By 4pm you have a CD master ready for replication. Simple.
Includes: 6 hours of studio time - 3 hours tracking (stereo pair); 3 hours editing/mixing burning of CD; Technician; Completed CD.

Multitrack Pack - $
Record one day, up to 16 tracks, and then edit and mix the next. Spend an entire day focusing on producing the perfect recording. Utilising multitrack recording means once you move to the control room on day two your sound engineer can adjust levels, like bringing the woodwind up, to give you a top quality mixed CD master.
Includes: 2 days (16 hours) of studio time – 1 day tracking up to 16 tracks; 1 day editing/mixing; Engineer; Completed CD

Premium Pack - $
When you have a variety of groups to record then the Premium Pack is the one. With 24 hours, that's 3 days, of studio time, there's the flexibility to plan out sessions. This makes it possible to spend some extra time recording sections or a soloist separately, then mixing and mastering it together. End result you have a recording second to none.
Includes: 3 days (24 hours) of studio time – flexible format; Engineer; Completed CD; Backup of material (on provided drive); Catering for key staff.

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Book your session or for more information please contact us,
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CD Replication, Duplication and Cover Design

Ghostgum Audio has a range of replication/duplication packages that include CD cover design. Whether it's a small number of CDs, under 200, or larger amounts, 1000's, we will gladly assist in organising it all.

Having a great design for the cover and the CD will go a long way to presenting your finished CD professionally and giving your school a great impression.