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Facilities & Equipment

'Sounds great!' - a common statement many of us say when a good idea is suggested.

At Ghostgum Audio, 'Sounds great!' is our mission.

When Ghostgum Audio set about developing a new recording studio, the ambition was to design and create an environment that inspired high quality recording. The result is a multi-function facility combining dedicated studio spaces suitable for recording anything from soloists to 76 piece ensembles, with teaching spaces, warm-up areas, and entertaining areas.

What you'll find here is an overview of the Ghosgum Audio facilities, adaptable by design to match a diverse range of recording requirements. Because at the end of the day we're all after the same thing, a recording that - sounds great!

Studio A

Studio A is the primary recording space and is suitable for large groups including orchestras, choirs and symphonic bands. With beautiful acoustics and a Yamaha 9' grand piano, this space is also ideal for smaller chamber ensembles and soloists.

Studio B & Studio C

Studio B & Studio C provide an additional recording and rehearsal spaces. Studio B is optimised for jazz and rock ensembles, while Studio C caters primarily for soloists and pianists.


Standard available recording equipment includes:

  • NeumannRodeAKGShureAudio Technica Microphones
  • Also Brauner, Milab and BeesNeez!
  • C|24 Control with SSL X-Desk analogue "front end" if desired
  • Pro Tools HD3
  • Yamaha CDR1000 CD writer with Apogee UV22 converters
  • DynaudioAcoustic Surround Sound Monitoring (BM15a, BM6a, BX30)
  • Yamaha MSP5 near-field monitors
  • Yamaha MSP10 studio monitors
  • Sony headphones (MDR-7506 & MDR-7509) with distribution amp
  • Additional headphones for up to 70 players
  • Outboard including: Buzz Audio, Sebatron, Focusrite, Aurora Audio, JLM, Auditronics etc.
  • Lynx Aurora io x 2 (32 channel digital and analogue)
  • "Vintage" DigiPre - ie it doesn't say "AVID" om the front panel!
  • Digi, Waves, SPL and Izotope Plugins
  • Nord Electro 2 keyboard
  • Fast Ethernet network with backup capability

Standard available performance equipment includes:

  • 9' Yamaha Grand Piano
  • 6' Yamaha Grand Piano
  • Timpani and Orchestral Percussion
  • Drum Kits and Rock/Jazz Percussion
  • Orchestra Music Stands and Chairs
  • Conductor's Podium
  • Instrument Amplifiers
  • Keyboards