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Fees and Inclusions

College tuition fees include the provision of text books, excursions, camps, technology and laptop computers and there are no further compulsory levies charged. Participation in our inter-school Sport competition (TAS) is also included in our tuition fees (personal clothing items such as protective wear, socks etc may not be included, depending on the Sport).

Inclusion Cannon Hill Anglican College Other Independent Schools
Excursions and Camps
Provision of Laptop Computer
Junior TAS and TAS Extra-curricular Sport (and playing jerseys)
Participation in clubs and most competitions

Inclusions shown for other independent schools is generic and may not be accurate for all independent schools.

Enrolment Fees

Fee Type Amount $
Application Fee $250
Enrolment Fee $1,000

Tuition Fees

Year Level Annual Amount
Prep to Year 2 $8,220
Years 3 to 6 $9,980
Years 7 to 10 $14,980
Years 11 and 12 $15,280

All application and enrolment fees are non-refundable. Enrolment fees are transferred to the College’s Building Fund for current and future capital purposes.

Please contact the Enrolment Registrar for fee information for overseas students.

Download Complete 2021 Fee Schedule 


Term Payment Discount

For term fees only, a due date discount of $50 per student per term is offered where payment of the outstanding balance is received in full by the due date nominated on the fee statement.

Annual Payment Discount

For annual fees only, an annual payment discount of 5% is offered where the annual tuition fee is paid in full by 4 February 2021. 

Family Discount

A family discount is offered where two or more children concurrently attend the College, as follows:

 Discount %
Second Child 5%
Third Child 15%
Fourth and Subsequent Child 25%

The family discount is applied to tuition fees after subtracting any scholarship and/or other concession.

Voluntary Programs and Other Charges

Voluntary Programs

Tuition fees do not cover the following optional programs/activities/subscriptions and separate charges will be applied for:

  • Overseas, National Study and Sporting Tours (including the Year 6 Primary Tour)
  • Music Technology Course
  • Private Music Tuition
  • Hire of Musical Instruments
  • Distance Education Courses, Traineeships and TAFE Courses. Fees for such courses will be payable directly to the course provider
  • Voluntary, Tax Deductible Building Fund Donation. A voluntary, tax deductible Building Fund donation of $95 per term will be included on the Tuition Fee Statement. Parents may opt to pay this voluntary donation as part of their tuition fee payment.

Other Charges

Holding Fees

In the instance of an application for a student to leave the College temporarily, a holding fee equivalent to the value of the Government funding for that period will be payable in order to hold the place.

Notice of Intention to Leave the College

In accordance with the Enrolment Agreement, at least one full term’s notice, in writing, must be given of a student’s intention to leave the College. Failure to provide such notice will result in a withdrawal fee equivalent to one term’s tuition fees being payable. A ‘term’ is defined as the dates specified in the Annual College Calendar, e.g. notification of intention to leave at the end of Term 4 would be required prior to the date of commencement of Term 4.

Administration Fee - Overdue Accounts

A monthly administration fee of up to 5% of the outstanding balance will be charged on overdue accounts. Non-payment of tuition fees may also result in legal action and the student being excluded from the College.