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Music / Visual Art / Drama

Our talented students have spent tireless hours rehearsing and refining their craft in order to bring you this fantastic collection of performances. 

Students present polished excerpts from Hoods by Angela Betzien and rehearse a transformation of a Shakespearean text into a contemporary performance.

Students present polished excerpts from April’s Fool by David Burton using performance conventions from the Verbatim Theatre style.

In collaboration with Zen Zen Zo Theatre Company, students present a powerful work on the theme of ‘Déjà vu’.

Students create and present clowning performances to the CHAC preps and perform polished excerpts from realistic plays, Two Weeks with the Queen, Princess and the Nag Hag and Dags for assessment.

Students devise and perform a play in the style of either soap opera or adventure for assessment and participate in class activities.