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Curriculum Overview

CHAC Science StudentCannon Hill Anglican College offers a curriculum framework which aims to provide a balanced and holistic education for all students and is focused on excellence in intellectual endeavour.

This framework is underpinned by the principles and traditions of the Anglican Church and promotes a lifestyle based on Christian values and is strongly aligned with the national goals and values for Australian schooling.

CHAC's Learning Community is a partnership between staff, students and parents committed to providing opportunities for students to become articulate, independent and self-motivated; who are capable of critical thinking, creative problem solving and working with others; who develop a realistic assessment of their own abilities, are adaptable to change, and who are able to make informed decisions about their ongoing education, vocational choices and personal relationships.

The curriculum aims to optimise each individual student's educational outcomes and to develop in each individual the attributes of a lifelong learner. Please click here if you would like to read the stories of two students (one past and one present) who have found inspiration in the world of Science.

Cannon Hill Anglican College endeavours to incorporate the following teaching and learning principles into all curriculum programs offered by the College:

  • Authentic Learning: exposing our students to real world experiences, issues and challenges.
  • Intellectual Quality: incorporating Higher Order Thinking in tasks, assessment items and discussions; ensuring students can relate new knowledge to the old and that they can apply their understandings to new situations.
  • Brain Compatible Learning: designing learning activities that are compatible with what we know about the brain by ensuring that students are given time to construct and process their learning, that learning is regularly tagged and by providing the skills to students to organise information in ways that the brain actually stores it.
  • A Variety of Teaching Styles: designing lessons to cater for the diverse learning styles of our students, including visual, kinaesthetic, tactile and verbal/linguistic learners.

Curriculum Reporting

The College provides formal reports each term. In Terms 1 and 3, an interim report is provided and at the completion of Terms 2 and 4, a full report is provided. Staff are encouraged to communicate, as required, with parents. This may be through the College diary, via a phone call or email or through a more formal letter of concern. Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in the education of their student by making and maintaining open lines of communication with individual staff and the College. Parent-Teacher Interviews are held twice per year for each Year level.