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Clubs and Competitions

There are many clubs and activities in which students can be involved at CHAC, and we encourage all students to participate as part of their holistic education. Clubs and activities in 2021 include:

  • Coding andĀ Robotics Club (see below)
  • Optiminds
  • Da Vinci Decathlon
  • Ethics Olympiad
  • Public Speaking
  • Debating
  • Mathematics Team Challenge
  • Science Club (see below)
  • Environment Club
  • Australian Space Design Competition
  • Diakonos Committees (Boys' Education, Girls' Education, Environment Committee), involved in social justice.

Coding and Robotics

In 2017 CHAC introduced Robotics and Programming as a collaborative, cross-curricular subject for Year 9 students.

Robotics and Programming will introduce students to the world of information technology as they use Lego robotics with the MindStorms software to build and program robots to complete tasks. Robotics and Programming is a great way to build student engagement in STEM-related disciplines. Through building and programming robots, students evolve in their computational thinking. Through solving set problems using the robots, students develop knowledge of modern problems in Science and engineering.

The Coding and Robotics Club was already up and running prior to this curriculum subject as an extra-curricular activity available to interested students. Held at lunchtime, new and returning students collaborate under the supervision of our Robotics teaching staff, to learn the art of code.

While some students choose to use the time to learn or explore new coding languages (there is much debate among students as to the best one!), others are in the process of building Lego Mindstorms robots ready for programming.

The club is also resourced with mBots and 12 Raspberry Pi units – handheld computers that run off Linux.

Even in these early days, CHAC students are already achieving tremendous results in this field, winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in their first-ever entry into the RoboCup Junior Australia Competition held in 2017.

Science Club

Student in Years 7 to 9 are invited to join the CHAC Science Club. Students with an interest in Science, who want to know more about how and why things around us work attend weekly workshops in the state-of-the-art Science Centre laboratories.

Students are involved in fun activities, including making sherbet, teabag rockets, CO2 balloons, lava lamps, clouds in a bottle, and pH testing.

Organised by our enthusiastic Science Faculty teachers, Science Club has become a very popular club in CHAC Secondary.