CHACpreneurs 2023

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CHACpreneurs 2023

Young minds. Big Ideas.

After weeks of planning, production and marketing, the moment has arrived!  Browse through the products below, watch the sales pitches and show your support of our Year 6 CHACPreneurs by purchasing as many products as you can.

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Scrub a Dub Duck | Lip Scrub

Lip Scrub

Our group is called Scrub a Dub Duck. Our names are, Indee, Stephanie, Ellie and Lara. Our lip scrub is exceptional! It is made with pure honey, organic coconut oil and high-quality sugar. We added coconut oil to hydrate and moisturise your skin.

These lip scrubs are made with organic ingredients. It is exceptional quality and we added coconut oil to hydrate your lips.


  • Honey
  • Sugar
  • Coconut Oil

$4 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Ezy Door Tagz | Wooden Door Tags

Wooden Door Tags

Hello, we are Lachlan, Lucas, Ethan, and Grace. The wooden door tags we make are designed to fill you with laughter.

These handmade door tags are made for laughter and jokes. Hang these on your door to make people laugh before they enter (if they dare).

Options available:

  1. Toxic Smells. BEWARE!
  2. Welcome, don’t come in!
  3. Hey, I’m working here!

$5 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Stick Man Stories Publishing | Comic themed bookmarks

Comic themed bookmarks

We are Leon, Rylan and Isabella and we love to read! Our handmade original bookmarks are designed to make you laugh and to make reading easier.

Our bookmarks have awesome unique designs.  We have added a wonderful feature to help children, they have a special cut out shape that helps younger kids separate the words they are reading. So, buy one of our awesome bookmarks today!

These bookmarks will last a lifetime (the laminating plastic won’t break down for 1000 years), so take good care of them.

Some bookmarks may appear different sizes due to difference in printing.

Options availbale:

  1. Character explosion:
  2. Stuck in a Page
  3. Ratty’s Paper Feast

$2 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Dip Designs | Tie dye socks

Tie dye socks

We are Dip Designs! We sell cool tie dye socks to put a little colour and pop in your life. The amazing creators behind these magnificent tie dye socks are Grace, Issy, Connie and India-Rose. We have three cool colours: Sunset, Galaxy, and Ocean. Buy our awesome tie dye socks today.

These socks will lighten up your outfit and mood. Our amazing socks are made with pure passion and popping colour. Theses socks come in two different sizes:


  • Small shoe size 13 – 3 (recommended for 8 – 10 years)
  • Large – shoe size 2 – 8 (recommended for 10+ years)


  • Sunset – (Pink, Orange and yellow)
  • Ocean – (Blue and green)
  • Galaxy – (Pink, Purple and blue)

$5 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Bucket Boys | Dyed Hats

Dyed Hats

We are the Bucket Boys; Jonah, Madin, Connor and Harry. We are making dyed bucket hats. Our hats come in three bright, fun colours – Watermelon, Barbie and Electric Blue.


Our hats are colourful, bright and very high quality. These are the best of the best! The hats we make have tie dye paint splattered onto them and can be worn to any fun-filled occasion.

Colours available:

  • Watermelon: Pink and Aqua
  • Barbie: Pink and Purple
  • Electric Blue:Aqua, Dark Blue and Blue

$12 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Stress-Away | Multipurpose Bean Bag

Multipurpose Bean Bag

Our names are Sofia, Olivia, Remy and Grace, and we’ve made Stress-Away! The ultimate stress relief toy. These fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and can be used in a variety of ways. From heating them up to heal a hurt hand, to a bean toss bag with buddies. These environmentally friendly, multipurpose bean bags, come in a range of cool designs.

These stress relieving bean bags are made from good quality, environmentally friendly materials.

Options available:

  • Wonderful Watermelon
  •  Funky Flora
  •  Super Star Wars

$3 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Christmas Bro’s | Christmas Bro’s Filled Baubles

Christmas Bro’s Filled Baubles

Christmas Bro’s specialise in making exciting new baubles to hang on your Christmas trees. This interactive  product is made by: Heath, Manaia, Xavier and Arihaan. These baubles are hand made with each one being reusable and beautiful. You can shake these baubles as they are filled with white snow. Come hang with us!

These baubles are filled with shakeable snow and spray-painted Christmas tree branches. They are fun interactive and most of all, reusable.

Options available:

White Christmas

  • White Snow
  • Normal Branch

Golden Angel

  • Red Sequins
  • Golden Branch


  • Red and Green star sequins
  • Golden Branch

$4 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Bathroom Bliss | Aromatherapy bath and shower salts

Aromatherapy bath and shower salts.

Our group is called Bathroom Bliss and our names are Matty, James and Harrison. We make high quality bath and shower salts made from non-toxic and high-quality ingredients. In our calm product we’ve added real Toowoomba lavender and we have created an aromatherapy like experience in the bath and shower. We’ve also even added peppermint and lavender essential oils to make these aromatherapy bath and shower salts fizz and pop in your bath.

Our handmade Aromatherapy Bath and Shower Salts are gentle on the skin and infused with beautifully fragrant essential oils.


  • Baking Soda
  • Epsom Salts
  • Citric Acid
  • Cornstarch
  • Coconut Oil
  • Essential Oil (Lavender, Peppermint)
  • Soap dyes

Essential Oils/Scents:

  • Calm is infused with Toowoomba lavender and essential oils.
  • Superhero is our fun rainbow coloured bath and shower salts infused with peppermint oil.

$6 each.

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

CACTUS CROCHET | Crocheted Water Bottle Holders

Crocheted Water Bottle Holders

Our product is a crocheted water bottle holder that is hand made by us. We came up with the name of Cactus Crochet as Cactus resembles the first letter of our names!

Our product is a handmade water bottle holder that will stop you from dropping your water bottles while looking stylish. Let’s end those scratches!

First 10 buyers to order will get a thick pink yarn!

Colour options

  • Mint
  • Pink
  • Blue

$7.50 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

REX T-Shirts | Tye-dye T-shirts

Tye-dye T-shirts

We are Riley, Ewan, and Xavier, and these are REX T-shirts.

We make fabulous T-shirts with three different designs to choose from. We’ll ensure that your T-shirt is great quality and plenty ROAR-some!!!

Our cotton T-shirts are good quality, have strong colours and are extra comfortable.

Logo may fade during wash. Do not wash logo within 24 hours for best results.

Colours available:

  • Horizon: pink, orange yellow.
  • Seaside: blue,Yellow
  • Watermelon: Red & Green

Sizes available:

  • size 6
  • size 10
  • size 14

$8.50 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

A Spin on 3D | 3D Printed Fidget Spinner

3D Printed Fidget Spinner

Our group is called A Spin on 3D, and our names are Sophie, Reilly, Sebastian and Ethan. We are selling 3D printed fidget spinners self-designed by us here at A Spin on 3D. Our green to yellow and purple to pink change colour when you touch them. We like to put a spin on 3D printing with our fidget spinners.

These 3D printed fidget spinners are all self-designed by us, and our purple to pink and green to yellow change colour when you rub or touch them! They are good quality and are designed to last.

Warning: Our product is strong, but please be aware that this product if dropped on a hard surface can crack.

Contains Plastic and Metal – Do not put our product in your mouth.

Options available:

Bi Design:

Sky blue -$5

Green to yellow -$6

Purple to pink -$6


Tri Design:

Sky blue -$7

Green to yellow -$8

Purple to pink -$8

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

J.E.M balls | J.E.M balls

J.E.M balls

Our group are painting handballs every colour in every pattern you can think of. And the best thing about this product is that the paint is really strong. Our names are Josh, Euan and Matt. And our handballs will make YOU the J.E.M. Always remember buy our handballs and you’re on a roll.

Our balls have a unique pattern on every single ball. All the handballs have very bright colours on them, so you’ll always know which ones yours. We used normal paint but put an sealant on them so the paint stays on longer. So don’t just stand there bounce right into it and buy our handballs today.

The colours are a combination of Blue, Red and Yellow.

WARNING!! Acrylic spray paint

$4.50 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Jokes ON You | T-shirts with puns, jokes, and images on them

T-shirts with puns, jokes, and images on them.

Our group is called Jokes ON You. We are Thomas, Flynn, Spencer and Liv. We make t shirts with puns and jokes on them to make people laugh. The jokes are better when you wear them out!

Cartoony illustrations paired with puns and jokes on your average t shirt to make them interesting and fun!

Options available: 

  • Don’t be shellfish! (Crab eating a bucket of candy with a sign in background saying please take one)
  • The “seal” of approval (seal sitting on desk with a button that says “approve”)


  • Size 8
  • size 10
  • size 14

$11 each

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Fusion Keychains | Resin Keychains

Resin Keychains

Our group is called Fusion Keychains, and our names are Hannah, Isabella, Holly, and Mikayla. Our keychains are made from epoxy non-toxic resin. Our keychains will bring joy into your life and revive your luggage!

Our keychains add a pop of colour onto your bag, as they are made from non-toxic clear resin, and packaged in eco-friendly organza bags.

Warning: Please do not bend product

Designs Available

  • Flower keychains
  • Majestic Midnight
  • Summer side up

Small: 5 cm-$5

Large: 7.50 cm-$6.50

Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

Ivy Critters | Ivy Critter Plant Pots

Ivy Critter Plant Pots

We are Ivy Critters, and our names are Edith, Jade, Audrey, and Zoe. We’re selling pot plants with different designs on the pots. You’ll also get a little clay critter with the pot plant.

Our plants come with cute designs, either a geometric pattern or a flower design. You also get a cute clay critter on the side.

First 30 people enter a raffle for a box of Favorites.

Options available:

  • Flower Garden: Flower themed pot with a white background and a blue and yellow flower.
  • Geometric: A geometric design painted with triangle shapes. The colours are blue, green, and black.


Purchase from the CHACpreneurs store here.

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