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CHAC Talks Tony Ryan


Wednesday 28 August
6.30pm - 7.30pm
CHAC Main Auditorium
Refreshments available for purchase after the event

The Next Generation: Preparing Our Kids For An Extraordinary Future

Join leading educational futurist Tony Ryan as he challenges the premise that the future is uncertain and even frightening. Instead, he examines exciting possibilities for the future and looks at how we can prepare the next generation to live in a world that will be extraordinary.

Today’s media would have us believe that our future is both daunting and unimaginable: a world where the pace of change will be rapid, jobs will be replaced by technology, human interaction will be digital and the planet will be environmentally ruined.

Tony will also explore what embracing a digital future means for us all and how best to prepare for the unknown journey ahead. His presentation will encourage you to see the future as an inspiring and worthwhile place, and his core message is that the future is meant to be a promise rather than a threat to our children.

This provocative and inspiring CHAC Talk will address technological disruption head-on and will also examine:

a. the astonishing advances in artificial intelligence and the resultant benefits
b. the critical worth of our innate human abilities in an era of exponential tech growth
c. the capabilities (such as initiative and creativity) that will best prepare us for the future

As an educational futurist, over the past two decades, Tony has worked directly with over 1000 schools, colleges, TAFEs and universities in many countries around the world.

Tony is perhaps best known as the author of The Next Generation: Preparing Today’s Kids for an Extraordinary Future and is also the author of the Thinkers Keys, The Ripple Effect, Mindlinks, Wrapped in Living and a series of publications that stimulate innovative thinking in classrooms.

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