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Campus Ministry

Life and Faith Activity at CHACThe Spiritual Life of CHAC

At Cannon Hill Anglican College, the Christian faith found is taught and lived out in the Anglican tradition. Campus Ministry provides the framework for the expression of Christian values, belief and action in our College Community. This ministry reflects and responds to the needs of our students, staff and families, and is deeply connected to both Anglican and Franciscan spirituality, and is underpinned by the work of the Life and Faith faculty.

Our patron Saints are St Francis and St Clare, whose love for Christ and simplicity of life drew people into lives of generosity and grace. Their devotion to the care of others and the world in which they lived has inspired people through the ages, and continues to provide inspiration for Christian ministry at CHAC.

The overarching goal of Christian Ministry at CHAC is to encourage students to become:

  • active in the practice of the Christian values of courage, compassion and service
  • aware of their own spiritual life, beliefs and values, and their vocation in life
  • wise and discerning in their understanding of faith and religious belief.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is responsible for the expression of the Christian faith through worship, prayer, faith formation, service and pastoral care. The faith development rites such as Baptism, Admission to Holy Communion and Confirmation are important rites in the Christian life and, with the oversight of the Chaplain and Director of Mission, the Campus Ministry team has responsibility for these services.

Chapel of St Francis and St Clare

The Campus Ministry team is a representative group of the College community, which includes the Chaplain and Director of Mission, Spiritual Leaders, Head of Life and Faith and Diakonos Social Justice Co-ordinator. The purpose of this group is to guide and implement the Christian life of the College. Staff members involved in this team are creative, committed Christian people who have a deep desire to see all students have an appreciation of the deep and lasting value a Christian education can provide.

This program is supported through funding provided by the Commonwealth Government through the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program (NSCSWP).


Students, Staff or Parents who make a significant contribution to the spiritual life of the College may be awarded a CHAC Cross Pin. Nominations for this award will be made in Semester 2 each year by a nominating panel made up of members of the Campus Ministry Team.

The Saint Francis and Saint Clare Shield is the ultimate recognition for students who embody the ethos of the College and demonstrate the principles of Franciscan spirituality. The Shield is awarded at the College Annual Awards Evening.

Our Chapel

There is no doubt that CHAC has a big heart, as evidenced in our College community every day. In fact, visitors often comment on the special 'feel' of the campus – an intangible spiritual element that we cherish. This stems from a loving and supportive community, a genuine commitment to service, and an energetic passion for nurturing a creative, dynamic and caring learning environment.

With the completion and consecration of the Chapel of St Francis and St Clare in 2015. The Chapel is a bricks and mortar representation of our College values, which centre on fostering a lifestyle based on Christian values.