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Music / Visual Art / Drama

Welcome to Breathless Online -
a celebration of student creativity

Please click on the 'feathers' above to access the Breathless 2021 Showcase


An enormous amount of work had gone into presenting Breathless Live in August however, due to COVID-19 restrictions, this event was reimagined to be an online showcase of student work from The Arts Faculty in 2021. Thanks go to the following:


All contributing students from Years 7-12

Arts Faculty: 

Ms Colleen Boyle, Ms Jennifer Chaplin, Ms Holly Ellis, Mr Justin Leegwater, Ms Tammy McCarthy, Ms Shelley McMahon, Ms Carmel Mungavin, Ms Elizabeth Pratt, Mr Drew Schultz, Mr Victor Findlay and Ms Vicki Williams

Arts Ambassadors:

Hamish Morrow and Alyza Jeffery

CHAC Marketing: 

Mr Steve Forster, Ms Katrina Smith, Ms Katrina Upton

Filming, recording and editing:

Mr David Quinn

Web page construction and design:

Rob Shaw, Pivotal Agency


Thank you, everyone, 

Dr Malcolm Cole

Head of Arts