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Music / Visual Art / Drama

Welcome to Breathless Online -
a celebration of student creativity


An enormous amount of work has gone into producing the first ever Breathless Online and thanks go to the following:


All contributing students from Years 7-12

Arts Faculty: 

Ms Colleen Boyle, Ms Jennifer Chaplin, Ms Holly Ellis, Ms Renee Johnson, Mr Justin Leegwater, Ms Tammy McCarthy, Ms Shelley McMahon, Ms Carmel Mungavin, Ms Elizabeth Pratt

Arts Ambassadors:

Hermoine Knowles-Green and Maxi Mossman

CHAC Marketing: 

Mr Steve Forster, Ms Connie-Louise Alexander, Miss Candice Meyer, Ms Katrina Smith, Ms Katrina Upton

Filming, recording and editing:

Mr David Quinn, Mr Lars Forsingdal, Ms Karyn McClure

Web page construction and design:

Rob Shaw, Pivotal Agency

Breathless Introduction (for hearing impaired)


Thank you everyone, 

Dr Malcolm Cole

Head of Arts