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The purpose of the CHAC Past Students' Association (PSA) is to represent the interests of past students of the College, support the College in ongoing ventures, and unify all past students as members of the broader College community.


To support and represent the interests of past students of Cannon Hill Anglican College as well as the College community.


To actively contribute to a supportive and nurturing College community that will provide ongoing benefits and assistance to current and future members of the PSA and wider community.

Since the relaunch of the Association, the Committee has been involved in a variety of activities, including:

  • The development of the Constitution
  • Development of a long-term Strategic and Financial Plan
  • Developing a fee structure for members
  • Organising events such as reunions and social events and representing the Association at College events
  • Initiating our new mentoring and networking program for both past and present students
  • The development and funding of a new Past Students' Association Bursary for a Year 11 student
  • A transition event for graduating Year 12 students
  • Production of a newsletter to share events, news and updates.

Future plans include:

  • To grow the membership base
  • Encourage the support of more committee members
  • To organise a reunion each year for the 10 and 20 year graduates
  • Develop interstate and, when applicable, 30 year reunions
  • Host personal development events as well as career and networking nights
  • Active involvement in the College community.

We are always looking for new people to get involved in the Association or to let us know ideas for the successful and relevant development of a thriving Past Students' Association. And, of course, for members. Please peruse the following information to find out more.


Life Membership of the Past Students' Association for students who graduated before 2011 currently costs $100. To apply online for Life Membership, please click here.

Current students now have the opportunity to make periodic payments throughout their Senior Secondary years, so that Life Membership is automatically bestowed upon graduation.

If you have any questions, please contact



For information on the upcoming reunions for the Classes of 1998 and 2008, please email

Foundation Day Campus Tour

For further information, or to ensure you are on the mailing list for news of PSA events, please contact

Programs and Initiatives

CHAC Past Students' Association Bursary

In 2013, the PSA initiated the funding and awarding an annual PSA Bursary for a current CHAC student. The inaugural bursary was presented to Mindy Tresize, at the College’s 2013 Annual Awards Evening, to allow her to attend the Australian Dental Association’s Explore the Field of Dentistry Event.

In 2016, the CHAC Past Students' Association Bursary was presented to Courtney Lovell, in support of her undertaking the Tertiary Preparation course run by The Griffith University Conservatorium.

In 2015, the CHAC Past Students' Association Bursary was presented to Joel Bulow, in support of his attendance at the 2016 National Youth Science Forum.

In 2014, the CHAC Past Students' Association Bursary was presented to Ashleigh Gonzalez, in support of her attendance at the 2015 National Youth Science Forum.

To contact the CHAC Past Students' Association, please complete this enquiry and a member of the Committee will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Honorary Office Bearers
Ms Sarah Reedman (President)
Ms Megan Wooldridge (Vice-President)
Ms Yasmin Murry (Treasurer)
Ms Sarah Narloch (Secretary)
Invitee – Mr David Pavish (Assistant Principal)
Invitee – Ms Anne Andrew (Communications and Development Manager) 

Ms Casey Doolan
Ms Ashleigh Gonzalez
Ms Chloe Sonter

07 3896 0444
Cnr Junction and Krupp Roads Cannon Hill Qld 4170
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