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Shelby Tillett (Class of 2016), graduated from Flight Training
Adelaide as a Virgin Australia Second Officer in 2018.

Thank you for connecting with the Cannon Hill Anglican College Alumni and Community.

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Since 1989, the College has generated many talented students, all of whom have contributed to the betterment of society. Many of our students work locally, domestically and internationally in a variety of careers and professions. Whatever their journey since leaving CHAC, many students have remained active members of the College community. Since its humble beginings, the College has educated just over 3000 graduates, all of whom have their shared CHAC experience in common.  

Over many years both past parents and other community members have generously supported the College by giving their time, their talent and financial contributions. To these supporters, we say thank you.

The College has a rich history and so many stories to tell. We invite you to share your story using the below link.

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What we do

The PSA Committee members represent all students who have graduated from CHAC since 1989. The Committee are also involved in many community building initiatives, including:

  • Coordinating reunions for 1st year, 10 year, 20 year and 30 year graduating classes
  • Coordinating social and networking events
  • Coordinating the annual PSA Educational Bursary for Year 11 students
  • Authoring and distributing news and information
  • Offering advice and guidance to graduating Year 12 students
  • Sharing past student and community stories
  • Conducting Campus Tours on Foundation Day each year

Our mission is simple—to connect communities across the College, whether they be past students, past parents, past supporters or past staff. 

Our 2019 Graduates

The College has grown academically in recent years, and in February 2020, we celebrated the achievements of 35 high achieving students who successfully completed Year 12 and attained an OP1 to 5. Many of these students have now joined the CHAC Past Student's Association Committee, and their continuing contribution to the life of the College is gratefully acknowledged.

Past Students' Association Bursary

Since 2013, the CHAC PSA has awarded a financial bursary to selected Year 11 CHAC students, to support their educational needs as they enter Year 12. The bursary is currently valued at $500, and is awarded to a student who wishes to attend an education-based seminar, workshop, course or event in Year 12. In 2019, the CHAC PSA is delighted to assist students with their studies as they join previous years' bursary recipients:

  • 2013 – inaugural bursary awarded to Mindy Tresize who attended the Australian Dental Association’s Explore the Field of Dentistry event
  • 2014 – awarded to Ashleigh Gonzalez who attended the 2015 National Youth Science Forum
  • 2015 – awarded to Joel Burlow who attended the 2016 National Youth Science Forum
  • 2016 – awarded to Courtney Lovell who attended a tertiary preparation course offered by Griffith University
  • 2017 – awarded to Georgia Morris, who attended a Med Entry UMAT Preparation Course
  • 2018 – awarded to Daniel Roy, who attended the 2019 National Youth Science Forum

Special General Meeting

In accordance with the Constitution, current financial members are invited to nominate for a position on the Executive Committee. Please see the attached Nomination Form for further information.

The Executive Committee shall consist of a President, no more than two (2) Vice Presidents (one of whom may be designated the Deputy President), a Secretary and a Treasurer. A Committee of no more than five (5) members may be elected to assist, advise, and support the Executive Committee. All positions shall be elected by ballot at a Special General Meeting (SGM) of the Association held every second year for the purpose and shall hold office for a period of two (2) years, but may seek re-election for further terms of office.

The SGM will be held on Wednesday 22 April 2020. Financial members are invited to attend the SGM; please email if you plan to attend. We’d love to see you.

In accordance with item 6(d) of the Constitution of the Cannon Hill Anglican College Past Students’ Association, all nominations are to be submitted to the current Secretary not less than twenty-one (21) days before the date of Special General Meeting. Nominations, signed by the nominee and two financial members, are therefore to be submitted to the Secretary via no later than Wednesday 1 April 2020.


Since 2011, graduating students receive automatic lifetime membership of the CHAC Past Students' Association (via tuition fee contribution during Senior Secondary). Students who graduated from the College prior to 2011 are invited to apply for lifetime membership of the CHAC PSA for a contribution of $100. To apply, please click here.

Lifetime membership not only connects you to the College, but also to a network of CHAC friends and colleagues from local, interstate and international realms.

To contact the CHAC Past Students' Association, please complete this enquiry and a member of the Committee will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Committee Members
Dr Sarah Reedman (President)
Ms Megan Hallson (Vice-President)
Ms Yasmin Murry (Treasurer)
Ms Sarah Narloch (Secretary)
Ms Casey Doolan
Mr Sam Gray
Ms Alex Baird
Mr Scot Salvati
Ms Emma Byrne
Ms Mahelie Goonaratne

College Representative
Mr Steve Forster, Director of Marketing and Development
Mobile: 0439 608 181

Ms Elizabeth Pratt, Director of Senior Secondary
Mr David Pavish, Assistant Principal Pastoral Care and Administration

07 3906 2773
Cnr Junction and Krupp Roads Cannon Hill Qld 4170
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