0J7A8825pandcEach Secondary student is provided with a tablet computer – affectionately known as a 'CHACtop'.

Tablet technology extends the traditional laptop computer through the addition of a pen and touch screen. Unlike laptops, tablets have a glass screen that rotates and lays down flat, allowing greater interaction with the computer through writing and drawing.

The implementation of the 1-to-1 Student Technology Program is more than just about delivering the hardware. To ensure a successful program and seamless integration into the learning environment, the College:

- provides contemporary, robust, reliable, efficient and effective Information and Communication Technologies to support and enhance teaching and learning and the administration of the College

- provides a dedicated service team for staff and students, trained in tablet hardware and curriculum software, to manage maintenance and upgrade issues

- prepared an ICT Infrastructure Plan that reflects the curriculum and administrative needs of the College, which ensures that critical ICT infrastructure is available, well maintained and properly supported throughout its operational life and that provides a schedule for the ongoing replacement of hardware and software

- manages a comprehensive ICT Integration Plan to underpin and support Next Practice philosophy throughout all areas of the College

- maintains the communications portal for staff, students and parents, to allow timely, efficient and effective communication amongst all members of the College community

- fosters strategic partnerships with technology innovators to facilitate access to leading technologies, to enhance the position of the College as a leader in educational technology and assist in reducing the overall cost of implementation.

"The Chactops have been a major step forward and have changed the ways in which students engage with their learning. Classroom activities are less teacher-focussed with the tablet computers offering more opportunities for group interaction and collaboration. It also allows us to tap into the individual student differences to a greater extent, providing them with enhanced, targeted experiences."

Mr Gary O'Brien
Deputy Principal

Cannon Hill Anglican College recognises the contribution of the Federal Government through the Digital Education Revolution Initiative.