IMG 5620cMoving to another city and school is always a big decision for a family. We were delighted last year to welcome Joel Bulow to our school, who had moved from Singapore. Joel delivered a speech at our July 2015 Open Day, which encapsulated his thoughts on his short journey at CHAC:

Good Morning Mrs Bell, visitors, staff and students. My name is Joel Bulow and I have been attending Cannon Hill Anglican College since the beginning of the year, after moving from Singapore.

Starting Year 11 at a new school was a concern to me, after being part of such a diverse school in Singapore. Then there was the stress of moving countries from a place I was comfortable and confident in, to a city I have never lived in, with the added challenge of adjusting to a different curriculum. I would often question if I could settle into a new school, especially since I was entering my Senior years, or if I could adapt fast enough to the new curriculum. However, Cannon Hill Anglican College helped me to overcome these worries as if they were never an issue in the first place. My fears and concerns were put to rest in my first week.

From day one my experience here at Cannon Hill Anglican College or, as we call it, CHAC, has been nothing but positive. For most students, the greatest fear when attending a new school is making friends. However, the students at CHAC did not hesitate to introduce themselves to me and made me feel comfortable in this new school community. There is no doubt that the students around you evolve from peers to close friends within a very short amount of time!

I have been very impressed by CHAC’s countless extra-curricular activities as well as out-of-school opportunities, which are open to all students. These range from the school sport teams, bands, and committees, as well as outside-of-school competitions and university workshops. Throughout the year, I have been and am involved in several of the schools programs. I am part of the school’s Big Band and Symphonic Band and was involved in the school’s musical band for Hairspray. Being involved in these activities early on gave me the opportunity to meet students from a variety of grades; making it easier to form friendships.

I am also involved in the Boys’ Education Committee; joining at the beginning of the year. By taking part, I had the opportunity to speak at the Boys for Success Breakfast in my fifth week of attending CHAC. Just because you are a new student does not mean that you need to hold back. Here at CHAC, any contribution you make – even from day one – is encouraged by everyone; teachers and students. I urge any new student to get involved in these opportunities as soon as they can! It helps you gain familiarity with the school community as well as getting to know teachers and forming friendships.

Personally, I have been most impressed and grateful for the way the teachers assist in making the transition into the school community as easy as possible. I remember my teachers making the extra effort to learn my name and regularly ensuring that I was settling into the College. I noticed immediately that the teachers have a passion for what they teach. This is most evident in the classroom, through the way they explain with great clarity as well as encouraging students to ask questions. Teachers also give up their own time to run tutorials outside of class time. The combination of this and the reciprocal respect the teachers and students have for each other makes lessons engaging, informative and enjoyable!

The Cannon Hill Anglican College community has an ethos of respect for each other, responsibility within the community, and endeavour to strive to achieve your best. It is through this and much more that I believe Cannon Hill Anglican College is the dynamic, innovative and welcoming community that it is today. I couldn’t imagine being at a better school.

If you have any questions I encourage you to approach a member of staff or any of the students; including myself. Thank you and have a wonderful day.