Sport in 2016 has proven to be another successful year for the College. Not only have we excelled on the field, but the participation from so many students was amazing to witness and encouraging for future years.

Our goal for 2016 was to improve the sporting culture at the College; we believe that if the culture is strong, participation and the enjoyment of sport all-round will be high. To achieve this, we: introduced more lunchtime activities; had three games, in various sports, of teachers versus students; introduced a new war-cry to the junior years; and organised a sport teacher appreciation breakfast. All four of these initiatives brought people together and served a different purpose for creating a better culture, whether it was to make friends through lunchtime games, watch role models play sport, or feel part of a community chanting a war-cry with the whole of CHAC.

On the field, CHAC has once again met its high expectations with many Premierships being won throughout the year, across a wide range of sports. Additionally, due to a massive team effort for all who were involved in TAS Cross Country, we were able to take away 2nd position overall. Trimester 3 was once again our strongest of the three, with CHAC finishing as the top College for the second year in a row. Overall, in all the TAS competitions held this year, CHAC finished in 3rd position. We should all be extremely proud as it is the best we have ever achieved.

Looking back on the year it has been one full of highs. We have thoroughly enjoyed leading the College in all aspects of sport this year and thank Mr Spindler who gave us the opportunity to do so, and who guided us along the way. We are confident that next year’s Captains, Frankie and Flynn, will continue to grow and nurture CHAC’s sporting excellence and strive to improve our overall position in TAS.

Macey and Olivia


Primary school students participate in a Saturday morning inter-school competition in the Associated Schools Junior Competition (Junior TAS), for Years 4 to 6, in: Boys’ Cricket and Rugby; Girls’ Hockey, Touch and Netball; and Mixed Football (Soccer) and Touch Football. Primary students can access District, Regional and State representations through the Lytton and Gateway Districts. Primary students participate in three CHAC carnivals each year: Athletics, Cross Country, and Swimming.



Cannon Hill Anglican College is a member of the premier The Associated Schools (TAS) sporting competition, for Years 7 to 12, competing in Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, Netball, Touch Football and Volleyball for girls, and Cricket, Volleyball, Rugby, Tennis, Basketball and Football (Soccer) for boys. Matches are played on Saturday mornings, as well as three Carnivals for Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. Students who have a high skill level in a chosen sport may elect to trial at the District level. If successful in making a District team, the student would then compete at the Metropolitan East Regional level, and could progress to State level. CHAC has been involved in non TAS sports in the past including AFL and Girls' Football. 

The 2014/2015 radio and cinema advertisements illustrate how this premier co-educational inter-school sporting competition provides "an environment where ambition thrives".


In Years 9 and 10, selected students who excel in the sporting arena may participate in a year-long unit, to further extend their capabilities. The program is targeted at improving the fitness base and skills set of sport-minded individuals with specific emphasis placed on those activities that are included within the TAS Sports Program. Concepts relating to optimizing sports performance are included, as are areas such as human anatomy.