In the 2013 Yearbook – Chrysalis – the Principal, Mrs Robyn Bell, wrote:

At the commencement of 2013, the College theme for its 25th year was adopted, and we collectively committed ourselves to learning and growing and serving with 'purpose, passion and performance'.

I am inspired by the idea that each year the newly reconfigured College community has the capacity to embroider its own rich character onto the existing cultural fabric - forever deepening and expanding our cultural identity. The symbols of CHAC - the leaf (for new beginnings), the branch (for strength and stability) and the chrysalis (for the constant rebirth we undergo thoughout our lives) - serve to anchor us in traditions and our responsibility to maintain our future focus.

Our purpose has been to inspire one another to reach beyond our personal bests for ongoing improvement; our passion is for our students and our professions - to provoke young people to expand their horizons and exceed their ambitions; and our performance is reported through the annual magazine, Chryslalis,in the rich vibrancy of a year well-lived.