How many classes are there in the Primary School?
CHAC Primary consists of two classes per year level from Prep to Year 6. Due to high demand, it is important to register your child for the Enrolment Waiting List as early as possible. Please refer to our Primary section for further information on our Primary School.

What are the transport options for travel to and from CHAC?
The College is just 7km and 15 minutes from the CBD and is readily accessed via all modes of transport. CHAC students travel to school via private car, train, CityCat ferry, and both school and council bus services. Please click here for further information.

Do you offer Out of School Hours Care?
Yes. Please click here for further information.

When can I make an application to the waiting list?
As all applications must be accompanied by a copy of a birth certificate, students can apply to go onto the Enrolment Waiting List any time after they are born. Please see Enrolment Step 1 for further information on applying to be placed on our Enrolment Waiting List.

What happens if our child does not secure a place for their preferred year of entry to Primary?
The application will be rolled up for consideration for the next year of entry (which will be subject to capacity) or to the next major intake year (Year 7). As there will be up to six classes in Year 7, early applications are well-placed to be part of the review process.

Do I need to send school reports with our application?
No. Applications must be accompanied by a copy of a birth certificate. Supporting data such as school reports are not required until the review stage, which is up to two and a half years out of the year of entry. Please refer to the Enrolment Steps for further information.

Do you have to be Anglican to attend CHAC?
No. However, as an Anglican College, our philosophy is based on the principles and traditions of the Anglican Church, which fosters among its students, staff and parents a lifestyle based on Christian values. Please refer to our History, Values and Ethos for further information.

Do you have dedicated feeder schools?
No. CHAC attracts students from up to 40 Primary schools in Brisbane.

When will we know we have secured a place?
The College currently progresses to the Review phase of enrolment up to two and a half years prior to the year of entry, based on the Enrolment Waiting List at that time. Based on the submission of supporting data during the Review phase, selected students are invited to attend an interview. Following a review of all supporting information and interviews, the College will make offers for places up to the nominated capacity for the year group. If a student is successful in securing a place at the College, a Letter of Offer will be sent to parents. Please refer to the Enrolment Steps for further information.

Does your school specialise in any particular area?
CHAC offers a balanced educational environment through the provision of a comprehensive, option-rich and innovative curriculum, and our personal development programs allow students to explore their individual strengths, interests and abilities. Next Practice teaching, combined with excellent sporting, arts and music facilities, underpin creative programs that yield consistently outstanding results across the board. These results are evidenced by multiple state and national academic awards, sporting premierships, a highly-acclaimed music program, and a gallery of student artwork that belies their years.

For frequently asked questions about the College uniform and the Uniform Shop, please click here.